Swinging night for Bailieborough visit

Friday, 9th of May, proved very entertaining for the large audience at the Joint Concert of Ardee and Bailieborough bands. It was wonderful to see the talent being fostered and encouraged in both communities. The visitors, Bailieborough School of Music, comprised fifty-five members, all teenagers. Ardee, this year’s all Ireland Senior Section winners, have sixteen members under eighteen who perform with the thirty-seven strong senior band. The Recorder Group, with twenty-four members and the Junior Band, with twenty-two members gave great performances; a night for the youth.
The programme for all the groups, including the Groove Big Band, was light and up beat with a rousing encore of YMCA conducted by visiting conductor Michael Gaskin, the actions were performed beautifully and in time by the very appreciative audience.
The members of Bailieborough Youth Concert Band leave with memories of a fantastic welcome from the Ardee Concert Band and the Ardee audience. They were very impressed with our fabulous Bohemian Centre and the facilities in the bandroom and recreational area.
Both bands and members of the audience enjoyed light refreshments afterwards. Hopefully, both bands will get together for a return venture. The chairman of Ardee Concert Band, Austin Nevin, welcomed our Cavan neighbours and reminisced on his dance band days in Bailieborough. Harry Kelly conducted the senior band, John Gaynor conducted the junior band and Laura Jones conducted the recorder group (accompanied on piano by Gerard Farrell). Alan Kelly performaed, but also did a wonderful job as master of ceremonies for the night. It was also great to see representatives of other bands in the audience. it was a swinging night.

The concert programme was
Ardee junior band:  S’cool Room Blooz and The Flinstones.

Ardee recorder group: The Moon Walk and Old Mc Donnell.

The Groove Big Band: Groove Bug, Woodchoppers Ball, Green Onions, Shake Rattle& Roll and Tequila.

Ardee Concert Band: Shaft, Buglers Holliday, John Williams in Concert, Abba Gold and American Trilogy.

Bailieborough Youth Concert Band: Blues Brothers, Sock Hop Tonight, Mission Impossible, Monkees Selection, Night Train and Queen in Concert.

Combined Bands: I Want to Hold Your Hand, Sing Sing Sing, Hawaii Five O, Motown Forever, Big Fun in the Sun-a Beachboys Medley and YMCA.

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