School of Music

The Band would be delighted to hear from anyone, adult or child interested in joining the band. You can contact band secretary, on or Joanne on +353876551699.

Teaching children to play wind instruments is an essential activity for the band. It has produced many talented musicians and has been the main source of new players. This activity has been an essential part of ensuring the success of the band.

Traditionally, the school of music has described the structure which combines elements of formal and informal tutoring of children along with a systematic evaluation of their progress.

Each September a group of Children, with a minimum age of 8 years, attend weekly classes on playing the recorder. They are assessed throughout the year. Those that achieve an acceptable standard on the recorder are invited to take up an instrument used by the band. They are tutored for 4 years and assessed through the Royal Irish Academy of Music Grade exams. Students progress through to the Beginners band when they reach an acceptable standard on the recorder.

Success at Grade 2 usually leads to an invitation to join the Ardee Intermetzo Ensemble ( Formally the Youth Band) Students continue to receive tuition up to grade 5 and sometimes beyond this.

Tutoring can involve some experienced players voluntarily sharing their time and knowledge tutoring children. In some cases tutors are professionally provided.